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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2/3'ds world Olympic Medal Standings

OK, so excluding North America, Europe, the former Soviet republics, Australia/New Zealand, and the developing/developed nations of East Asia, here's what it looks like for the (mostly nonwhite) nations I find myself cheering for:
Cuba: 1 Gold-5 Silver-5 Bronze=11 total
Kenya: 2 G,4 S, 2 B=8
Brazil: 1-0-5=6
Jamaica: 2-3-0=5
Indonesia: 1-1-3=5
Zimbabwe: 1-3-0=4
Ethiopia: 2-1-0=3
Turkey: 0-2-1=3
Mongolia: 1-1-0=2
Argentina: 1-0-1=2
Algeria: 0-1-1=2
Columbia: 0-1-1=2
Bahrain: 1-0-0=1
Cameroon: 1-0-0=1
India: 1-0-0=1
Panama: 1-0-0=1
Thailand: 1-0-0=1
Tunisia: 1-0-0=1
One silver each: Chile, Ecuador, Malaysia, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and Vietnam
One bronze each: Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Morocco, and Togo

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