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Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid Speaks of the Unspeakable!

My reactions to the storm brewing over Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid's reported comments (

1) What a crock. The GOP's colorblind ideology police want to make it a crime for anyone to talk about race honestly. And the mainstream media play along. I don't know the exact context or intent of Reid's comments, but it's a joke to think that Obama's skin tone and speech patterns were NOT a factor in his crossover appeal to white voters. Get real...

2) "Negro dialect?" "NE-gro dialect?!" "NEGRO dialect?!!" "KNEE-GROW dialect?!!!" You gotta be kidding me! What decade are those Mormons caught in the vacuum between the West Coast and the rest of the known world living in?

3) Needless to say, to compare these comments to Trent Lott's comments about how things wouldn't been better had Strom Thurmond been elected president under the Dixiecrat's eternal segregation platform is not a stretch, it's a laughable stellar leap.

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