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Thursday, May 31, 2012

African immigrants in Israel

And another item to post under "Nothing New Under the Sun." The recent riots and protests and violence against immigrants from Eritrea and (South?) Sudan are most likely a reaction of fear of the "other," as well as economic fear of the competition that these immigrant entrepreneurs are providing to the existing Israeli population in Tel Aviv. (See The nothing new under the sun" part is the old canard that these black men are animalistic rapists out to violate lighter-skinned women. Interior Minister Eli Yishai cited police findings that claimed that the Sudanese and Eritrean migrants were a high crime risk. Then he went on to say: "I cannot judge a man whose daughter is raped. I cannot judge a young woman who cannot walk home," said Yishai, who heads a party led by the rabbis in the coalition government. "I cannot judge people under any circumstances that are abused and harmed, and are then confronted by the state, which says: 'Why do they behave in this way to foreigners?" And, of course, the risk of rape goes a long way in explaining why "Yorusalem Mestun, a 22-year-old Eritrean asylum-seeker in hot-pants" experienced the following: "Five young Israelis smashed the glass door of her internet café and pulled a knife on her, while her Jewish neighbours looked on. The police came, checked her visa and left without, she said, offering help or sympathy" (see All for now. Your comments would be appreciated!

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