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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Apology, Rucker, Quote

First, I apologize in posting wrong information about the racial identity of Ms. Knight, the least known captive set free in Cleveland a week or two back. It would appear she is white. Second, Darius Rucker received a tweet telling him to leave country music to white folk, and some question WHY he bothered to respond. "So the would can see them." Good answer. Hidden racism remains hidden, and can be denied by the mainstream. Bring it out in the open in all it's ugliness, and let it make us uncomfortable and maybe even open a few eyes. I commend you, Sir Rucker, brave soul and talented singer! Finally, a quote I came across for our consideration: Frances Kendall, in her 2006 book entitled Understanding White Privilege, says that asking whites to notice white privilege "is sort of like asking fish to notice water or birds to discuss air" (p. 22). Chew on that one for a while, if you like.

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