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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion Police Brutality on Zendeya's Dreads

18-year-old Disney TV and singing star Zendeya came out swinging when ignorant Fashion Police commentator Giuliana Rancic insulted her choice of hairstyle, insinuating unpleasant odors accompanied it. Another case of "police" brutality and racial profiling? No matter, Zendeya proved she can take a punch and hit back hard. Loved this part of her Instagram response:
"I'll have you know my father, brother, best childhood friend and little cousins all have have [sic] locs. Do you want to know what Ava DuVernay (director of the Oscar nominated fil Selma), Ledisi (9 time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and actess), terry McMillan (author), Vincent Brown (Professor of African and African American studies at Harvard University), Heather Andrea Williams (Historian who also possesses a JD from Harvard University, and an MA and PhD from Yale University) ...have in common? Locs. None of which smell of marajuana."

That's a substantive response for an 18-year-old's first time in the Oscar spotlight. And it's spot on. Of course, Rancic made the typical claim that it had NOTHING to do with race. Of COURSE not. That's why, as another commenter pointed out, white girls like Kylie Jenner face the same criticism when they go with dreadlocks. Uh huh. Sure.

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