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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two Brave Police Voices

He 'took it to the next level.'
“…It looks to me like he took it to the next level (ordering her out of the car) because she didn't do what he told her to do and put the cigarette out. If that's the case, I'm not really on board with it. If you've got the ticket, warning, whatever already written, get her to sign it and go on. It's not worth turning a simple traffic stop into a major ordeal just because somebody wouldn't put a cigarette out.”

 He should have 'issued a warning' and 'moved on.'
Dude, issue the f****n warning and move on. It's NOT WORTH IT.  Prepare for the next shit storm over THIS????? Our jobs aren't hard enough these days already....we're yankin females out of vehicles cause our ego got hurt cause she wouldn't tremble and put out the stupid cigarette????? Let's pose this question- suppose she had stepped out when he asked her to....THEN WHAT??? You were gonna scold her about the cigarette??? What was his plan?? What was going to be the purpose of pulling her out?
My opinion probably won't be popular on here but oh well. I'm as PRO-US Pro Police as anyone but I can recognize when we're being dumb. This was dumb. Even tho the death/suicide wasn't his fault-- The public perception and backlash is NOT worth it.

 Though these comments are still kinda anonymous, such willingness to call bad policing just that is a step in the right direction in the dire situation we find ourselves in re: police brutality against blacks.

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