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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hip Hop Chess Federation

Here's a plug for my Facebook friend's organization doing good work:

Adisa Banjoko is CEO of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, which is dedicated to providing an inclusive setting for individuals to interact, play and develop life strategy skills with people they perceive as mentors.

"Despite the school system's best efforts and intentions, and the efforts of overworked parents, the past generations have suffered from lack of suitable education and essential resources required for a successful life," states Adisa Banjoko. "We recognize that chess, martial arts and hip-hop unify people from multiple cultural, religious and social backgrounds. These black and white squares do not care what color you are or if you are rich or poor. The only thing they ask is that you come with your strategy, your patience and your skills."

Along with recreational activities, the Hip Hop Chess Federation also provides life strategy workshops and sponsor-supported education scholarships. Studies show chess provides invaluable life lessons such as patience, personal accountability, focus, emotional intelligence and understanding the consequences of one's actions before one acts.

They've got an event called "Mind over Matter II -- Celebrity Tournament" tomorrow in San Francisco (they've been active on both coasts). Check it out at, or Good Morning America video at

Good luck, Adisa and friends!

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