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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ray Burris, contin.

The new senator from Illinois keeps the corrupt administration of Gov. Blago on the front pages long after the pols hoped that Blago's removal from office would put things to rest. With every new revelation, the quick flip-flop to accept Blago's appointment of Burris looks like a big mistake. My opinion is--Burris had all the scrutiny coming as soon as he agreed to appear on the same stage as the disgraced Blago, smiling and acting all buddy-buddy with a man whose actions have done my home state big-time harm. Burris was a state-wide elected official (comptroller, I think) way back when I was in Illinois up through 1984. I guess he never fulfilled his electoral aspirations--maybe racism was a factor. Still, his willingness to accept this appointment (after reportedly one or two others had turned Blago down) smacks of opportunism, and the continuing revelations of his contacts with Blago's circle over fundraising and the appearance of a quid pro quo between that and the appointment as senator call into question Burris's integrity. That's my opinion, anyway.

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